Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David Lubar

Scott Hudson is a lowly freshman trying to survive high school. His older brother was a popular troublemaker who is kinda a loser now that he's out of high school. Scott's friends are leaving him--moving, joining the wrestling team, and just drifting apart. Scott is constantly trying to get closer to Julia, the beautiful classmate who might be out of his league. But the freaky pierced girl is getting a lot of his attention, too, even though Scott is embarrassed to be seen with her. And, um, Scott's mom is pregnant. So the story is told in a journal (not a diary, he tells us) to his future sibling. Let's just say he isn't too thrilled with sharing his home with a whiny little kid! Scott is a smart, funny kid, even though he is exhausted from him freshman year.

While I did read this book two years too late, I truly did enjoy it. It was a great laugh and Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie seems to be on everyone's fave list.
I must say, I really did enjoy this book. But, was it just me, or were there a little bit to many details? It was probably just me. This book had a great plot and was totally hilarious. I would sometimes find myself laughing out loud while reading in between finals and sitting alone in my living room. :D
I also believe that I learned a few very good vocabulary words that I definitely plan on using in the future. They were just too great!
Overall, this book was pretty great! I totally recommend it!

Four stars
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(For all the people who did read this book)

- Ema Neakf


  1. oh yeah, dont forget to go enter my contests! How are you liking The Chosen One? I just got done reading it!

  2. I have got to make sure to check this one out soon. I can't believe I still haven't read it.

  3. Yep I read Carribean crusing too and the Boyfriend League! soo good!!! enter my contest if u haven't!

  4. Hey, if u get a chance go put your answer under comment section (to enter my contest). you accidentally put it in the second post. LOL. just so I don't forget. I would hate to forget to enter you! I'll probably remember, but just in case!!!!

  5. I just started reading it & I can't put it down I love the conceot it is just like my freshmen son & older son is.


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