Saturday, June 6, 2009

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Brittany Ellis is a popular girl from the wealthy side of the Chicago suburbs who appears to have the perfect life. Alex Fuentes seems to be your typical bad-boy, from the wrong side of town, involved in a dangerous Latino gang. Like star-crossed lovers in modern times, Brittany and Alex are brought together despite having all of the odds stacked against them—different races, social statuses, friends, lifestyles, families, and neighborhoods—and they come to learn the raw reality that nothing in life is ever as it seems, while falling fast in love. As they fight to break the stereotypes that define them, they face tough challenges: pressure from peers to stick to their own “kind,” disapproval from their parents, and perhaps most dangerously for Alex the entanglement of gang life and his desire to break free from those perilous ties.


Okay, firstly, when I first saw this book at Barnes and Nobles (quite a while ago), I didn't think too much of it. But then the reviews started, and I began to get interested. Soon, I was going crazy and I HAD to have this book. And when I did, I couldn't believe how long I had waited to buy it! Once again, this is a book that I LOVED. I don't know if it's the Romeo-and-Juliet-like plot that makes this book so romantic and unbelievable or just the, well,
perfect chemistry between Brittany and Alex, but whatever it was, was AMAZING!
Also, I really liked the cover of this book. It was so, I dunno, well, I hate to say it but,
perfect. Yes, I'm sorry for being so painfully cheesy, but it's true. This book to me had no flaws whatsoever. Alex, to me, was VERY likable :]. And I also really liked the way both characters had problems going on in their life that no one knew about. This book made me very emotional. My eyes were pouring tears of happiness, sorrow, then- well, I won't ruin it for you...;] long as you read the book.

Five stars!

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