Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"What's on your desk?" Wednesday!!

I was tagged by Cindy to show you what is on my desk! The rules are 1. I can't clean my desk. 2. I must say what 5 bookish things on my desk are. 3. I must say what 5 non bookish things are. I have to post a picture and tag 5 more people! Okay, so I have a laptop so I don't really have a desk. BUT, I do use my dresser a lot to sit at and write my blogs, so I just used that. :]
Sorry it was so clustered. I haven't cleaned it in a while. Haha.

1. Before I Die and (under it) The Chosen One, need to be mailed out.
2. In Your Room which I just received.
3.My Twilight bookmark (inside my City of Bones)
4. My *ahem* City of Bones.
5.Uh, the highlighters which I use to highlight parts of my favorite books. :]

1. My pink (egh, I hate pink) and purple coasters, which I never use. ;]
2. A picture of me and my old dog, Spanky (Yes, he's wearing a jacket!), sitting on the sofa.
3. Kinda visible form the top- My Marilyn Monroe (ahh!) necklace holder- is that not awesome or what?!?! ;]
4. A picture of my two sisters and I in a "sisters" frame (Once again, pink...)
5. My Christmas candle holder-turned pencil case in the top left.

Okay enjoy!


  1. Lots of fun stuff! I love seeing other people's desks. I have more of a table...

  2. Ohh fun stuff. In Your Room is a really good book by the way. I'm not sure if I could do this or not...I don't have a desk either, and I'm horrible at uploading photos. HAHAH I can try though.


  3. HAHA! we both have a twilight bookmark! which one do you have? I have one with Edward and than another with Edward and Bella on it! I got one off ebay and the second at kmart. They have them for 3.50 now which is pretty good!


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