Monday, July 20, 2009

New Moon Picture: Bella and Jacob.

Okay, so I found this picture on B.A.M. Book Reviews, thanks Briana! I must say, Taylor looks extraordinary scrumptious here, even with flat hair. And Kristen... well, she looks like she always does. I kind of agree with you Briana, she does resemble a rather depressed zombie (but also a very lucky one! Look how close she is to Taylor!!) But yeah, I really mostly posted about this because Taylor is in it, and he is worthy of posting about anytime. ;] The other reason for posting is because I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THE MOVIE COMES OUT!!

Hope you can't either!



  1. He looks prettier than her... :) Its kind of funny. Even if I am an Edward fan.

  2. I can't wait either! I already bought the New Moon poster, I'm officially a dork I know. LOL But I like the poster, I have a shirt of it, and now the poster. yay me! LOL

  3. Haha oh man oh man! He is definitely gorgeous ;)



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