Friday, July 17, 2009

The Book of Luke by Jenny O'Connel


Emily Abbott has always been considered the Girl Most Likely to Be Nice — but lately being nice hasn't done her any good. Her parents have decided to move the family from Chicago back to their hometown of Boston in the middle of Emily's senior year. Only Emily's first real boyfriend, Sean, is in Chicago, and so is her shot at class valedictorian and early admission to the Ivy League. What's a nice girl to do?

Then Sean dumps Emily on moving day and her father announces he's staying behind in Chicago "to tie up loose ends," and Emily decides that what a nice girl needs to do is to stop being nice.

She reconnects with her best friends in Boston, Josie and Lucy, only to discover that they too have been on the receiving end of some glaring Guy Don'ts. So when the girls have to come up with something to put in the senior class time capsule, they know exactly what to do. They'll create a not-so-nice reference guide for future generations of guys — an instruction book that teaches them the right way to treat girls.

But when her friends draft Emily to test out their tips on Luke Preston — the hottest, most popular guy in school, who just broke up with Josie by email — Emily soon finds that Luke is the trickiest of test subjects . . . and that even a nice girl like Emily has a few things to learn about love.


Where was I when this book came out? I surely would have devoured it (kind of like I just did.) Okay, nevertheless, I loved it. The Book of Luke was definitely a romantic-comedy. Once again, I was shocked at how thick it was. (Not that it was thick, just thinker than what I expected.) What I liked the most about this book was definitely the plot. How awesome would making a guide for guys be?! I mean, come on!! That would save us all a lot of trouble. But tips to the next people to try this: Don't try it on your best friend's ex. :] But good thing this story had such an interesting plot because, once again, I felt suffocated in details. The Book of Luke had some very interesting part where I thought there was no way I would ever close the book, but then there would be parts that I felt Emily was just babbling away in her head and I had a hard time concentrating on the book. Other than that, I really found this entertaining and fun.


Once again, the cover is what first attracted me to The Book of Luke. It just looks so relaxing and fun. It really goes well with the story (although it is winter in the book, I believe.) I really like it.

Originality- 7/10
Cover- 10/10

-Kaitlyn :]


  1. I heard good things about this book and it's been on my wish list for quite a while now. I need to see if B&N has it the next time I go.


  2. gosh I love this book. Luke is AWESOME!!!!!! :-D
    Great review Kaitlyn.

  3. My friends have been reading this book and they couldn't put it down. I wanted to read it too! It looks awesome!!!! great review :)

  4. A Guide for Gus sounds pretty amusing I wish they made one.. that would be a great read. *laughs*

  5. This book looks really good. I can't wait to read it.

  6. This book was awesome!!! Haha, when I first heard about it, I thought it was something Biblical. HAHA. Great review!!


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