Friday, July 31, 2009

Miley Cyrus To Star in Wings?!

"Disney has acquired screen rights to the young adult novel "Wings" and will develop the bestselling Aprilynne Pike title as a star vehicle for Miley Cyrus.

Temple Hill partners Marty Bowen and Wick Godfrey will produce. Tish Cyrus will be executive producer. It's Temple Hill's first foray into supernatural fare since "Twilight."

Pic will be developed for Cyrus to play Laurel, a 15-year-old who grows up sheltered and home-schooled in a small town. Adjusting to a big high school is difficult, and her suspicion that she's not like the other kids becomes a reality when she sprouts a pair of wings and learns that she's a fairy. Published in May, the novel is the first of a planned four-book series." -straight from Miley Cyrus gets 'Wings' at Disney Article by MICHAEL FLEMING over at

For the full article, click here.

Okay, that to me is a little weird. I have no clue why, when I haven't even read Wings yet. Maybe it's because I'm used to seeing Miley only act as herself and Hannah Montana in every single movie and show that she has ever been in. Will she be able to pull it off? I personally can't even imagine her acting in an actual movie (Other than The Hannah Montana Movie, where she did the same exact thing she does all the time on t.v.) Hm, what do you think? I will read the book soon and update my thoughts then.



  1. I haven't read the book but I own it and I don't really want Miley to play Laurel. I agree with you I can't really see her acting as anyone but herself.

  2. I don't think I am going to like Miley as Laurel. I just can't see her in that role.


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