Sunday, March 8, 2009

Twilight- Stephenie Meyer .

Well, this is my first blog and I'm going to write about a book that everyone knows about- Twilight. This is the first book in the Twilight series and in my opinion, the best.(:
It's told in first person by Isabella 'Bella' Swan. She moves to the little, rainy town of Forks with her father and has to attend Forks Highschool, where she discovers the gorgeous, one and only Edward Cullen. Because of his good looks, all the girls want him. But there's something else behind his pale skin and golden brown eyes that no one knows about- he's a vampire. But not just him, his whole family too. And they each have their own special power. Edward can read minds, the mind of every singe person. Except Bella. And he doesn't know why. But what he does know? That he's never thirsted for somebody's blood as much as he thirsted for hers. You wanna know the crazy part?
They fall madly in love.


But at anytime he could lose control and kill her. Oh, and the other part? Bella's also getting hunted by a blood thirsty vampire tracker who's never gonna give up until he feasts on her blood...


Well, what could I say about the famous Twilight other than "it's amazingly awesome!!!" I just couldn't get enough of Stephenie Meyer's romance novel. I looove all her books, especially this one! First off, her characters have great personalities. Stephanie really nailed the whole "perfect character thing." Don't know what that thing is? Yeeeah, me neither. (:

Secondly, Bella was a great narrator and I'm glad Stephenie wrote it in her point of view. She's observant and has a great mind- she's very intelligent. (can't wait to read Midnight Sun and see inside Edward's mind.)

Thirdly, the romance was UNBELIEVABLE! I mean, I've read romance before this book, but not like this. I could feel the inseparable love between them (how do you think i fell in love with Edward?(: ) It was just off the charts. I felt like I was in love. Well, i am.(:

Okay, so. That is it. If you've never read this book, then your crazy (and you should read it, RIGHT NOW!). If you don't want to read this book, then your crazier (and should reconsider, RIGHT NOW!). If you read this book but do not like it, then go lick your grandma's hand (BEFORE she washes it.) (:

No, but seriously people. Read it. Now.

You'll thank me later.


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  1. i aggree. i was head-over-heels for this book, but when ti read the next book, it was a huge dissapointment.
    good luck with your blog!:


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